Happy Cocktails: Chocolate Candy Cane Milk Punch

Its hard not to reminisce about years past during the holiday season. I have fond memories of Christmas Eve at my Aunt Becky's, complete with a surprise visit from "Santa" and a game of Santa's special delivery. Christmas presents early, followed by a nap and breakfast. My mother and grandmother would head to the kitchen to prepare an Italian feast as friends and family stopped by. Our family and friends would arrive in the afternoon, Abuelita would bring a traditional Spanish feast to complete the greatest holiday dinner ever.  There are always things that trigger amazing memories, candy canes happen to be mine for the holidays. I remember my mother trimming our tree with them just before my father topped the tree with the star. We had to wait until Christmas to enjoy them, but it was worth it.

As I thought through holiday cocktails for this season, I kept coming back to candy canes. While it seems like something I would never do, I wanted to. So I set off to the store and bought some classic peppermint candy canes, broke them up and added them to a sauce pan with whole milk and a homemade chocolate extract. There result was amazing, I kept the simple and added vodka to the cool mixture to give it a punch and it was perfect.

The holiday season is about making memories and celebrating the past. Have fun, drink responsibly and make a resolution to have a positive impact in the world. Happy Holidays!




Chocolate Candy Cane Milk Punch

  • 30 miniature candy canes
  • 1/2 gallon of whole milk
  • 2 oz of pure chocolate extract (You can purchase to save time)
  • 14oz of Tito's Vodka (adjust up or down to taste)

Instructions: slowly heat milk to simmer, add candy canes and chocolate extract and stir until melted, Strain to ensure no candy canes remain. Add 1/2 vodka to cool mixture and whisk until mixed throughly. Taste and slowly add remainder of vodka to your liking. Strain through fine strainer and store in flip top bottles until ready to use. Before serving shake vigorously and strain into a old fashioned glass rimmed with dark chocolate and smashed candy canes.